Stompblox Modular Pedal Boards for guitar and bass effect pedals


Stompblox modular pedalboards allow you to customize your pedal board. You can easily connect, disconnect, and configure your pedal board in ways that work with how you play. Hand tightening thumbscrews are attached to the pedal board, so you don’t have to worry about losing important parts.

  • All metal construction
  • Attached thumbscrews for easy connect/disconnect
  • Swing out feet
  • Pass throughs for cable management
  • Convenient anchor points to secure cables
  • Modular gig bag included
  • Each unit measures 12.5″ x 8.5″ x 2″ (with swing feet in, 3″ with swing foot out)



How many effects can I fit on a Stompblox pedal board?

Since effect sizes vary, it’s hard to say exactly how many effects you can fit on a single pedalboard unit. Typically you will fit between 4 and 6 effects on a single pedal board. Double if they are tiny.

How do I attach pedals?

Stompblox pedal boards come with velcro for attaching pedals. You can also attach pedals to the pedalboard with zip ties. Stompblox pedal boards have anchor points on the bottom to conveniently loop zip ties through.

Will my power supply fit underneath Stompblox?

The cleanest way to mount your power supply is with the Stompblox Extend. However, many power supplies will fit underneath a Stompblox pedal board and can be connected with zip ties.

What are the most common configurations?

Bass players and guitar players with small effects rigs find that a single Stompblox pedal board works great. Two Stompblox pedalboards are very versatile and can be oriented horizontally or vertically.

The most common configuration is two Stompblox pedal boards and two Extend units. This makes a pedal board similar in size to a Pedalboard Who Is Not To Be Named 2.

How do the bags connect together?

The Stompblox gig bag is designed to carry a single Stompblox unit. When connecting two Stompblox in either vertical or horizontal orientations, two bags can be zipped together to carry the combined Stompblox pedalboard.


  • Open both bags and lay them flat
  • Place the bags open on top of each other flipped 180 degrees from each other. Make sure that the zipper pull of one bag lines up with the zipper start on the other bag.
  • Zip both halves of the combined bag together
  • Zip the support zippers now located on the face of the bags.
  • Connect the straps to the opposing D-rings
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